Try different ways to Win with Rugby Betting

Rugby is a brutal and testing sport; two teams of thirteen players each tackle the field in the hope to outscore the opponent by means of tries, conversions and penalty kicks in an eighty-minute battle.

Smashing hard tackles, electrifying sprints and enduring scrums form the foundations of the game, with New Zealand dominating official world rugby standings; kiwis can look forward to an exciting range of rugby bets on local and international events.

With each team devoted to defending their try line in a display of brawn and agility, the rules of rugby are simple. While the ball is in play, it may only move in a backwards direction, any ball moving forward, for example in a pass, will see the offending team penalised.

Each team is separated into two divisions, the forwards who are a hard hitting heavy bunch crunch away at the breakdowns, while the backs, nippy and efficient run the ball into try scoring territory. These two divisions allow for certain niche rugby bets such as next player to score.

Eliminate The Draw

By placing rugby bets on a draw-no-bet option punters eliminate the draw outcome in any particular match. This means punters will place a bet on a specific team to win the match.

The potential for a draw in the match acts as a safety net, if the game does happen to end in a draw all bets are void and the stake refunded. If the team you opt for wins, your rugby bets will yield a profit.

Two Way Over And Under

Commonly known as totals, over and under rugby bets require a prediction for the total amount of points scored in the game. The bookmaker will set a total and your prediction can be geared over or under the stipulated amount.

Top Rugby Betting Platforms

Punters from New Zealand will be elated by the multiplicity of rugby bets and platforms offering rugby bets. TAB affords Kiwis with the opportunity to lay wagers on Rugby Union and Rugby League.

The Rugby Union markets on offer in Tab are comprehensive enough to wet the appetite with European Champions Cup, International Sevens, Wellington Sevens, International Rugby, Super Rugby and British and Irish Lions Tour Rugby bets on offer.

Kiwis in quest of further reaching markets should consider online sports betting NZ websites that are completely legal and open to punters from New Zealand.

Online sports books will allow punters to obtain the most lucrative odds from an array of websites coupled with an overwhelming mix of rugby bets and specifically focused markets.

Pick A Specific Outcome

Three ways rugby bets markets are interesting and require some prior knowledge in order to pinpoint a particular winning option. Punters must select one of three outcomes for the match, win, loose or draw.

Winning Margin Rugby Bets

Winning Margin rugby bets are similar to over and under bets, here punters must predict the score line margin between the two teams at the end of play. Punters should observe team consistency and look at how each team has fared against similar competitors in order to place more valuable winning margin rugby bets.

Point Racing Bets

Race to point’s rugby bets are entertaining and allow for nail biting rugby bets. Here punters must lay wagers on the first team to reach a total number of points stipulated by the bookmaker.

Entertaining Bets

Punters in quest of more spontaneous rugby bets should consider other bet types such as first player to score, number of cards given in a match and first team to the opposing twenty two rugby bets.