Electric Boogaloo Quick Fire Aristocrat Slot Review

Electric Boogaloo Quick Fire Aristocrat Slot has Four Big Jackpots

Electric Boogaloo was one of the first games in Aristocrat’s newly released Quick Fire series, and it definitely produces the quick fire. The jackpots alone ensure that many casinos are already introducing the title with great success. As with all the slots games that have gone before Electric Boogaloo Quick Fire Aristocrat Slot, the games in the Quick Fire range have plenty in common, yet are still different enough from each other to stand alone.

Electric Boogaloo Quick Fire Aristocrat Slot itself is certainly one the player will not want to miss, whether playing at a land based casino or online. The cabinet itself is unusually big, which alone will make sure the player will not overlook it. This is due to the use of two different key areas. There is the main screen, where all of the reel based action takes place, but it is joined by an area of similar size which displays all the jackpots on offer. There is the opportunity for the player to win one of four different Quick Fire jackpots.

As any fan of Aristocrats will know, the action takes place on the standard five reel. The playing card icons make a return too. They are joined by the icons following the theme and era of the game, and are noticeably more advanced in this game than in any of Aristocrat’s previous slots NZ games.

Game Play and Prizes Offered

Electric Boogaloo Quick Fire Aristocrat Slot is controlled by using the buttons on the cabinet rather than a touch screen, but they both end up giving the same result. The game makes use of fifty win lines, which is why the reels have been extended to four rows. It is well worth the trouble involved by adapting strategy to meet the requirements of such a pattern, as the player will find that all games in the quick Fire range use the same principles.

The maximum bet in Electric Boogaloo Quick Fire Aristocrat Slot depends on where the player is playing, as each state has its own regulations, but the credit maximum will be the same no matter where the player happens to be. The prizes are fairly standard, apart from the jackpots of course. Winning those jackpots depends on lining up certain symbols on the first four reels. The fifth reel determines which of the four jackpots have been won.

The lowest prize is fairly modest, but the Grand Jackpot will deliver an impressive cash prize. The prizes are always consistent, which will suit the players with a limited bank roll, but the top prize can still be won. High rollers should not be discouraged however, as higher stakes wagered will increase the chances of a big win.

Features and Bonuses of Electric Boogaloo Quick Fire

The four jackpots are definitely the most attractive part of Electric Boogaloo Quick Fire Aristocrat Slot. Aristocrat has ensured however, that even if the player does not hit any of the big prizes, there are still a number of features to supply players with a chance of winning something. A popular feature in Electric Boogaloo Quick Fire Aristocrat Slot is the stacked dollar sign, which acts as a wild card and can appear just about anywhere. If the player is lucky enough to land a full stack on a reel, it will remain in place for the next spin too. The same applies in the bonus round, where free spins can be won.