One of the Oldest Games – French Roulette Review

French Roulette is played frequently at casinos in Monte Carlo. It is a slightly different form of the game from the other two main versions of roulette, but was probably the earliest form of roulette. Roulette gained popularity in France, during the years following the French Revolution. French Roulette is the oldest casino game that is still played in its original form, and for many years was regarded as the glamour game of the European casino. It has grown significantly in popularity, especially in Europe, where it comprises over fifty percent of the legal gambling revenue.

The Lure of the Spinning Wheel

The game roulette, is one of the favourite games in any casino’s collection, whether an online or land based casino. It is simple and easy to play, and one of the most exciting games in the casino. It also offers great potential for wins.

Today almost every casino has a roulette wheel, and roulette play is an exceedingly vibrant and popular form of the game. The image of a spinning roulette wheel is for many people the symbol of the excitement of casino games. What is more, the roulette wheel has become the face of the casino industry itself.

Rules of All Forms of Roulette

Roulette is played by placing a bet on the outcome of the spin of a ball around a numbered wheel. Where the ball lands will determine the payout. Players can bet on individual numbers, sets of numbers or the colour of the numbers, either red or black. There are many ways for players to bet. On the inside of the layout you can wager between one and six numbers. Payouts depend on the spots or combinations of numbers that you bet on.  The outside bets include red or black, even or odd numbers, low numbers 1 to 18, and high numbers 19 to 36. All bets on any of the numbers are known as inside bets, and you can bet on as many combinations of numbers that you want. Outside bets in the online version of roulette are those placed on spots other than numbers 0 and 1 to 36. They are the even money and column bets. When you bet red, you are betting that the next number that turns up after a spin of the wheel will be red. The same applies when you bet black.

The Main Forms of Roulette

There are three main forms of Roulette, French Roulette, European Roulette and the American form of the game. In American Roulette there are thirty eight blocks on the wheel, numbers ranging from 1 to 36, and alternating in colour in red an d black. There is a zero slot, and a double zero slot, which are coloured green.  In French roulette there are 36 numbers, and one zero, coloured green. Both wheels are shaped like a bowl, but in French roulette the numbers have spikes that allow the wheel to be spun in both directions. If the ball falls into the green slot market zero, the bet belongs to the house. French roulette therefore offers much better odds than the American form, as there is only one zero for the ball to fall into. French roulette is played mostly in Europe, and American roulette is played in America and Canada.

French roulette is based mainly on the luck of the spin of the wheel, but players who keep an eye on the different odds and betting options can enhance their winning potential.