Odobo HTML5 Games Coming to SidePLay

The latest major land-based gaming operator to expand into the iGaming commercial sector is leading international lottery and instant-win game developer, SidePlay Entertainment. SidePlay recently announced that it has assigned the role of distributor to Odobo – the world’s only dedicated HTML5 games development programme and content marketplace. Based in Gibraltar, Odobo provides an innovative solution for modern, fully distributed and cloud-enabled regulated gaming content for online gaming operators.

With Odobo HTML5 games coming on board, both brands will deepen their footprints on the iGaming landscape – with SidePlay taking its first steps and Odobo adding to the several dozen studios currently on its books.

What the SidePlay-Odobo Deal Entails

With Odobo HTML5 games coming to the SidePlay Entertainment game stable, the latter company’s igaming offerings will be state-of-the-art products. That’s because HTML5 cross-platform gaming content is on the cutting edge of what is possible via online and mobile gaming channels.

In order for us to see Odobo HTML5 games coming from SidePlay in the near future, the Odobo Game Development Kit (GDK) will provide SidePlay with a framework for its game client production as well and the cutting-edge technology they will need to develop HTML5 games. Odobo HTML5 games coming from the SidePlay studio will then be made available to participating licensed gaming operators via the Odobo Marketplace. This is the brand’s B2B “app store” for the iGaming industry, where operators can find and license games for their funded clientele.

An important element of this an all Odobo partnerships is that all gambling online NZ activity takes place and get stored on the Odobo game server, which is hosted by a licenced gaming operator. SidePLay’s profits will come in the form of royalties from revenue generated by its games. Additionally, the SidePlay’s Odobo HTML5 games coming out of this deal may be subject to referrals to affiliate commissions facilitated by the Odobo Play game-discovery portal – the consumer-facing aspect of Marketplace.

Legal and Business Affairs Manager at Odobo, Rob Smith explained that “SidePlay has a vast array of exciting titles that deliver all the gratification of an instant win game but with a clear focus on entertainment. We’re thrilled that SidePlay are looking at the casino sector and that they have chosen Odobo as the platform for worldwide distribution”.

The Back Story on SidePlay Entertainment

As impressive as Odobo HTML5 games coming to the SidePlay stable is, it’s important to note that SidePlay has already been a considerable force in land-based gaming entertainment for over a decade. The Jersey-based company has created more than 170 instant-win games for lotteries and top operators worldwide, with over 60 million plays under its belt. Some of its more famous titles include Mouse Trap, Bubble Burst Bingo, and Sherluck Holmes – all of which players are hoping to see as Odobo HTML games coming soon.

SidePlay Entertainment Director, Lee Bosio reveals that “via Odobo, we’ve found a one-build solution that caters for customers on desktop and mobile devices with the additional benefit of access to Odobo Play. We’re excited to be increasing our presence in the commercial sector via Odobo”.

The First SidePLay Odobo HTML5 Games Coming Out

The initial release of Odobo HTML5 games coming out from SidePlay will be the instant-win title, Release the Kraken – an oceanic-themed adventure game featuring pirate ships and the terrifying Kraken beast.