Explanation of Yahtzee Online Slot Game for Casino Players

Yahtzee is an online slot game based on the popular family dice game. This online slot is released and developed by WMS Gaming who already had huge success with their other board game inspired slot games, Monopoly and Clue.

There are 5 reels and 25 pay lines to wager on. Placing the maximum wager of 2 per spin will make the bonus feature trigger more often. As you would expect, you can play an actual game of Yahtzee during the bonus game. Players can expect an average Return To Player of between 94.89% and 96%. This slot does not feature a free spin bonus round.

The Yahtzee Bonus Feature

Yahtzee online slot features a unique bonus round where you can play an actual game of Yahtzee. When the Bonus symbols lands anywhere on reel 5 you will be able to enter the bonus round. When the symbol lands a multiplier symbol lights up.

You can now either play the bonus game or wait until you hit another bonus symbol on reel five which will make the multiplier go higher. If you land the bonus symbol 5 times you will automatically enter the bonus game. Here you get three chances to roll five dice and hopefully collect 5 matching number.

The Yahtzee Wild Symbol

The Yahtzee dice cup acts as the Wild symbol. It will substitute its value for any symbol required to complete a winning combination that it is part of. Unlike usaonlinebetting.org/racing betting, the slot is not available for mobile play.

Whenever the wild is part of a winning combination, you will be taken to a new screen where you roll two Yahtzee dice. The amount you roll will be applied to your win as a multiplier.

4 to A Yahtzee Free Roll Bonus

Yahtzee features a second bonus game triggered by landing 5 scatter symbols in a row on the reels. You will play the Yahtzee bonus game but now you already have 4 matching dice to start with.

The Yahtzee Jackpot Prize

Yahtzee feature two ways to win the Jackpot pay out. You can trigger the jackpot in the standard bonus game by playing with the maximum possible wager active and then roll Yahtzees on your first two attempts.

The second way is during the 4 To A Yahtzee bonus game, if you roll a Yahtzee on the first roll, then another on the second, the jackpot payout will trigger.

The Yahtzee Reel Symbols

Yahtzee features symbol on the reels that reflect everything you can expect t to see at a family evening of playing the dice game. The lowest value symbols are made up of a pizza slice, a bowl of popcorn and ice cold sodas. The higher value symbols are made up of couples ranging in age from an older couple to their kids and their friends.

The younger couples pay out up to 50 times your wager. The lower value symbols will pay out between 5 and 25 times your wager. All symbols require at least three matching symbols to be lined up on an active pay line to trigger a payout.