A Closer Look at The Enchantment Slot for Beginners

High 5 Games uses several unique features to set its slot title The Enchantment apart, including a highly unusual reel arrangement. There are five reels, but Reels 1 and 5 display three windows, Reels 2 and 4 display four, and Reel 3 shows five icons, giving the reel set an oblong shape overall. The reels are housed in the ornate marble balconies of the palace of the enchantress who gives the game its name, bathed in celestial light at the top of a snowbound mountain.

The Enchantment also uses H5G’s 720 Ways system: instead of regular pay lines, matching symbols form winning combinations as long as there are three or more in succession on adjacent reels, in any reel position. The Enchantment allows players to start these combinations from Reel 1 left to right, or to run the other way starting on Reel 5, resulting in 720 different winning possibilities.

Entirely Theme-Related Icons

The Enchantment uses no poker symbols, devoting its artwork entirely to the theme, which tells a vague but recognisable story. The blue-haired, green-eyed sorceress lives in her castle, her fabulous jewels guarded by a fiery dragon. A bold knight, his sword and armour shining, approaches on his trusty steed; he plans to defeat the dragon and win the lady and her treasure.

So in ascending order of value, these symbols are an amber Topaz, a purple Amethyst, a blue Sapphire, the red Dragon, the gold-lit Horse, the green-clad Knight, the blue-haired Sorceress and The Enchantment’s blue-and-gold game logo.

Because there are no paylines, players place a total bet per spin; from 0.50 to 500.00. Prizes given in the pay table in credits relate to the lowest bet; an appropriate multiplier must be applied to this amount to work out the win on higher wagers. Ordinary prizes range from 5 credits for three matches of any jewel, to 400 credits for five Sorceress icons or 1,000 credits for five game logos.

Wild and Scatter have Single Functions

Unlike in some mobile pokies games, the Wild and Scatter symbols in The Enchantment perform only one function each. The Wild, a bright orange card bearing the word Wild, appears only on Reels 2, 3 or 4, but can substitute for any of the ordinary symbols in completing winning combinations; it is especially effective when it arrives stacked. Click here to play the best of mobile pokies today!

The Scatter is likewise the simple word Scatter on another bold yellow background, and it wins set credits amounts for three, four or five appearances anywhere on the reels: respectively 2, 10 or 50 credits.

Bonus Symbol Activates Free Spins

The Enchantment compensates for the limited functions of the Wild and Scatter symbol by having an extra Bonus symbol to trigger free spins: the word Bonus against a single exquisite rosebud. It can also arrive stacked, but players need at least five of these icons, namely one on every reel, to trigger a round of 8 free spins. These are spun on a new set of reels, with the backdrop a blushing pink sunset.

At the same time, the five Bonus symbols will deliver an instant prize of 50 credits, and in this scenario any reels with two Bonus icons, making six icons in total, will cause the prize to be doubled. Similarly, the player gets 8 free spins for each complete combo of five icons across all five reels, calculated according to the 720 Ways.