What America’s New Sports Betting Law Means for Gamblers

In America the Supreme Court has recently canned the Professional And Amateur Sports Protection Act – or PASPA as it has become known.

This means that states across the US can decide for themselves whether or not they want to offer sports betting, as it is no longer illegal.

This ruling could have a huge impact on gamblers, on league sports like the NFL and NBA and on college sports too, so we’ve had a look at what the implications for all could be.

Removing the Stigma

Even prior to the abolishment of the PAPSA ruling sports betting has been around, but it has gone underground and perhaps has earned itself an undeserved reputation for being a bit shady.

By legalising betting the US Supreme Court has opened the doors for legal, licensed establishments to get in on the action, and thus legitimise the process. In the past, bettors may have had to take risk when betting, especially online, but now, they can do so with confidence.

A Lot More Opportunity

Now, bettors will be able to wager on anything, at any time, just like they could if they were signed up at a Canadian mobile casino. While there have been fantasy leagues that Americans could bet on, now they can wager on real games, and even place wagers in real time if desired.

Thanks to the online arena betting will be easier than ever, and with multitudes of markets, punters can put money down on just about anything they please.

There may also be a knock on effect for spectatorship numbers, as if people are allowed to bet on a specific sport, they are more likely to watch it. The more people watching, the better the opportunities are for marketing, and those who advertise during games will be thrilled with all the extra eyes watching.

The economy could also get a boost, as local businesses will have to pay tax, and there may be a greater need for staff. Aside from the land base bookmakers and totes, there may also be an online boom, and this could also give employment figures a boost.

A Potential Boom

With the legalisation of betting there may well be a boom in activity, and new online bookmakers may appear, alongside old favourites who suddenly have a whole new market to tap in to.

The more sportsbooks there are, the bigger the competition to attract customers and this could lead to better odds for all, increases in free bets, promotions and bonuses and a whole of other benefits. If competitor increases then shopping around a bit could well benefit punters and the sportsbooks will still benefit regardless, as they’ll still get the vig on every wager.

There’s also the opportunity for bookmakers to offer an increased number of markets for each sport, as those who will be betting will have a greater interest and may want to put money down on prop bets that are a bit different to the norm. The scope for growth here is enormous, and it’s up to bookmakers to cash in.