Tips on Choosing for the Best Online Casino Payouts

When it comes to attempting to determine which online casino offers the best online casino payouts, two aspects generally comes to mind.  The first is perhaps the most obvious: what is payout rate, and how is it calculated?  The question isn’t a tricky one, and the answer is simple.  A payout rate is in essence based on basic math; the total amount of money bet in the casino over a specified period of time, that is eventually paid back into the pockets of the players – by means of winnings.

Casinos – and online casinos – are essentially businesses, and therefore the business model of one will differ to that of the next, as is the case with any other conventional business.  Online casino payout rates (or return to player percentages), are usually in the range of between 95% and 98%.

This payout percentage – usually indicated on the online casino’s site – is however, a general one.  It would be more accurate to have a look at individual games in order to find optimal payout rates, rather than online casino sites as a whole.

The second aspect is the one of legality – of whether payout percentages are governed by USA law, or not.

The Legal Governance Issue in the USA

The answer to the question of whether payout percentages are governed by a particular law in the USA, is very region specific.  It will depend solely on the jurisdiction governing the specific online casino.  In short, some regions may make provision for higher minimum payout percentages, than others.  The best online casino payouts are therefore those situated in the most favourable jurisdiction.

Determining Which Casinos Offer the Best Online Casino Payouts

Like choosing the best sports betting sites, there are a few ways in which the odds may be narrowed down, i.e. casinos offering the best payouts in the USA may be identified. Firstly, bear in mind the aspect of jurisdiction.  Location really does play a huge role here.  Taxation and general red tape will influence the payout percentage that a particular casino is able to avail to its players.

Secondly, try to support verified casinos only.  A verification certificate by an independent auditor will be displayed on the online casino’s site, confirming the payout percentage.

Lastly, put casino and game reviews to good use.  Large volumes of information are available in the shape of reviews written by the players themselves.  These give a real-time; and honest; account of what to expect in the line of payout percentages.

The House Edge

Directly linking in with payout percentages, is the House Edge of each particular game.  This too will influence where the best online casino payouts are to be found.

Blackjack, for example, is a simply game of adding up to a certain point, and then taking a chance on the value of the next card.  The simplicity of the rules of the game makes little provision for a House Edge, leaving most of any edge up to chance.  Therefore, a solid choice.

Roulette is another game of which success relies heavily on the rules of the game, instead of the human factor.  The House Edge is therefore minimal here too.

At the end of the day the variance between various casino payout percentages is so minimal, that it’s not hard to pin-point which casinos offer the best online casino payouts in the USA.