The Match 4 Washington Lottery Game

Match 4 is a numbers game that forms part of the Washington Lottery, the local lottery of Washington DC in the United States. The first ever Match 4 draw took place on 3 August, 2008.

The draw for the winning Match 4 numbers involves just four numbers and takes place on a daily basis.

How to Play Match 4

In order to participate in the Match 4 lottery game, lottery players must purchase tickets, which cost US$ 2 each, and select four numbers to enter. The Match 4 numbers must be between 1 and 24 and players may either choose their numbers themselves or have them randomly selected by a computer. This computerised option is known as the Match 4 Quick Pick.

These Match 4 tickets are available at convenience stores, gas stations, restaurants, bars, and grocery stores all over Washington State.

Four numbers are drawn by a random number generator each night – so Match 4 players must also indicate which draw they would like to enter. Wins are awarded for two or more matched numbers.

The Three Match 4 Prizes

Match 4 is not a jackpot-type game in which the top prize rolls over to the next draw if nobody wins it – given that there are only four numbers in the combination, this eventuality is also a lot less likely. Prizes are also not divided up amongst winners in Match 4.

The top Match 4 prize is US$ 10 000 and, no matter how many people draw the winning numbers, each winner is awarded US$ 10 000. The same goes for the second-highest payout of US$ 20 and the third-highest of US$ 2.

The top Match 4 prize is awarded to players who match all four numbers accurately, whilst second prize is awarded for three numbers, and third is awarded for two accurate numbers. The odds of a player making such a match are one in 10.6 thousand, one in 133, and one in 9.32, respectively.

Draw Times and Ticket Cut-Offs

There is a Match 4 draw held every night at 8pm Pacific Time. In order to qualify for that draw, players must purchase their tickets before 7:45pm, as sales close that time and open again after the draw has been conducted, at 8:01pm.

Claiming Match 4 Winnings

How casino real money players can claim their Match 4 winnings depends on how much they have won. For winnings of less than US$ 600, players can claim at any licensed Match 4 retailer or via the mail. To claim winnings of US$ 601 or more, however, players must visit the lottery office itself.

Washington Lottery Charities

The proceeds of all the Washington Lottery games – including Match 4 – go to various charity organisations. Match 4 charity initiatives and those of the other lottery games focus on the local Washington community.

In 2015, US$ 119 million was raised in aid of education, US$ 4.7 million for economic development, and US$ 300 000 to help combat problem gambling.