Real Money eSports Betting Deposit Methods

Real money eSports betting processes are practically identical to those which traditional sports betting requires, and punters are able to fund their accounts and make withdrawals from them by means of just about any major financial institution.

MasterCard and Visa Real Money eSports Betting Deposits

MasterCard and Visa are by far the two most well-known, and widely used, methods by which real money eSports betting deposits are made. Punters enjoy this method so much because of how easy it is to accomplish, and the fact that the built-in security measures these companies provide add to the state-of-the-art protection already in place at the bookmaker. The only drawbacks to this means of making money available for eSports wagers is that low deposit limits may be in place, and certain restrictions may be enforced as to how many deposits punters are able to make over predetermined periods of time.

Bitcoin Real Money eSports Betting Options

While not available for real money eSports betting deposits across the board, many bookmakers offering eSports options allow punters to make deposits by means of Bitcoins if they wish to. Even smaller online bookmakers, especially those that specialise in eSports, do allow for this method for both deposits and withdrawals, as well.

Other Real Money eSports Betting Deposit Methods

There is a good variety of ways in which punters are allowed to make real money eSports betting deposits into their online accounts, and these include:

  • eWallets like Skrill and Neteller
  • Wire transfers from a cheque account to the player’s bookmaker account
  • ACH transfers
  • Cash deposits at land-based satellite locations
  • Various money transfer services

The Size of the Real Money eSports Betting Market

Thanks to the extraordinary growth, and semi-private make-up of real money Sports betting USA, there are no exact figures able to accurately depict the size of this market currently. However, a recent study did predict that the total wagering for eSports will exceed US$20 billion by the year 2020. There are, however, some general guidelines which can be applied to both the current size of this industry and the direction it is most likely to head in the future.

There are a reported total of 145 million eSport betting enthusiasts across the globe, and audiences exceed tens of millions for the major events. It is thus safe to say that there is very likely to be over one million players engaged in real money eSports betting currently. This figure is bolstered by the fact that daily player totals at the top fantasy eSports betting sites are in their hundreds of thousands, and this is the total just focused on the US market.

The leading traditional bookmakers offering eSports betting options are taking their two millionth bets currently, and, even if the most modest estimate of the average wager is taking as an example, the total amount bet at eSports bookmakers approaches the US$50 million mark. This total, further, does not take into account the fantasy eSports sites’ games.