Loose Deuces Online Video Poker Review

Loose Deuces is an online video poker game that was developed by Realtime Gaming. The video poker game is similar to other variants but has features like the two cards being the wilds that offer additional poker combinations like the wild royal flush and five of a kind.

How to Play the Loose Deuce Game

The aim of the Loose Deuce video poker game at online casino Singapore is to make the best possible poker combination out of the cards that are dealt. The game is a five card poker game that is played with a deck of fifty two cards. The cards are shuffled before each hand is dealt.

A bet one button is available to place a one coin bet at a time and up to five coins can be placed on the hand. In order to automatically bet the maximum of five coins there is a bet max button which will then ensure that the cards are dealt immediately after placing the maximum bet. Each coin can be worth a denomination of 0.01 up to 1.00.

When all the bets are placed the Loose Deuce game deals five cards face up. These cards are then evaluated to see if they contain any potential poker combinations. The cards that are to be held need to be clicked on before clicking on the draw button which discards the extra cards and replaces them with the nest batch. This is then the final deal and any winning poker combinations will pay out according to their value on the game’s pay table.

Poker Combinations and Pay Table

Loose Deuces uses the standard poker combinations in their various ranks as well as the additional combinations that are possible with the wild deuce cards. The royal flush is the highest ranked combination that pays out an amount of up to 4 000 coins when the maximum of five coins have been bet. Four deuces is the next highest poker combination with a pay out of up to 2 500 coins on the maximum bet. Thirdly is the wild royal poker combination where a royal flush makes use of a deuce wild card. This combination pays out up to 125 coins. Five of a kind; straight flush; four of a kind; full house; flush; straight and lastly three of a kind are the next poker combinations that pay out amounts of up to 75; 25; 20; 15; 10 and 5 coins respectively. Betting one to four coins on the Loose Deuce hand will pay out amounts ranging from 1 coin up to 1 200 coins.

The Double or Nothing Bonus round

The double or nothing bonus round is playable after every Loose Deuces pay out. The winning amount is gambled and doubled if the bonus round is won. Four cards are dealt face down from a different deck of cards and the dealer has one card face up. The aim is to select one of the face down cards and reveal whether it is of a higher or lower value than the dealer’s card. If it is higher than the winning amount is doubled but if not then the amount is lost.