A Quick Introduction to Chimney Stacks Online Slot

Chimney Stacks, created by Bally Technologies, is an online slot machine game. It features a more understated design then some other slot machines games, but makes up for this by having a unique design feature that allows for easier match making, therefore granting players an added advantage. The visual design of the game is based around rooftop decorations, as the name suggests, and is brought to life by a set of charming symbol designs. Look out also for the free spins bonus feature, which can quickly put a player in the money.

The Chimney Stacks is available for play via computer, and can be opened in a web browser with no permanent download required. The game has also been optimised for phone and tablet player, offering a perfect game play experience on modern portable devices. If wanting to play on a mobile device, please download the game via the appropriate application store, allow it to install, and simply tap the game’s icon. Note that the game is also available for free play, allowing gamblers to test the fame thoroughly before committing any real cash.

Standard Symbol Design

Chimney Stacks does not feature the flashy graphics and effects seen in other games, using instead simple, bold designs that are easily recognisable, and therefore easily visible on smaller mobile device screens. The most valuable symbol in the game is the top hot, and will give a substantial payout if matching with itself the maximum of five times. The least valuable symbol is the nine of playing cards, which is arranged in a set of nine, ten, jack, queen, king and ace. Some of the other symbols are a weathervane and a bellows. The real money, however, is found with the game’s bonus symbols, which will trigger massive payouts and special features.

Bonus Game Symbols and Features

The wild symbol in the game is easily recognisable by the word wild, positioned above the city skyline. This symbol may match with all other symbols in the game, creating matching sequences were none were possible. For example, a wild symbol may match with two aces, creating a sequence of three aces.

Two wilds may also match with two aces, creating a four aces winning sequence. Notable also is that the game allows rows of wild symbols, also referred to as stacked symbols, which may occupy an entire reel in the play area. This will allow multiple matches to be created at once. The scatter symbol in Chimney Stacks is represented by a symbol with the words free games clearly displayed. Match this symbol in any position three times to trigger the bonus sequence. During this sequence the player is instantly granted ten free spins, during which every win achieved is paid out at four times the current bet. This means that is always beneficial for the player to bet as much as possible, given that free spin sequences will be more lucrative. It is best, however, to lower and raise bets during the course of the game, minimising loses and maximising wins as best as possible. Keeping the bet high constantly will inevitably result in losses.