Below is a brief story about how I developed and manufacture the AMERI-THON Range of dart flights!
Dave Holt, President - Ameridarts – Maker of AMERI-THON Flights. Really! I make them!

1986 to 2000 - Dave Holt, the creator of the AMERI-THON Range of flights, researched and designed several versions of flight making apparatus and produced the first commercial quality hard flights in 1989. Dave moved to Virginia and joined with his new partner, Janis Cromer (an executive in Washington, D.C.) in starting Ameridarts.

2001 - Dave tested a new material which proved to be the strongest and most durable in the sport of darts. Thus, the AMERI-THON Brand and range of flights was created. Dave went to work to improve the company’s flight process to take the most advantage of the new, rugged material. Out of these efforts came the custom-built equipment currently in use, which has produced over 6,000,000 sets of AMERI-THON Flights to date! The AMERI-THON Flight Range is manufactured using two separate processes...printing and fabricating/punching.

PRINTING PROCESS - The printing aspect of our operation is done on our customized Flexographic printing press, as well as, utilizing several specialized pieces of graphics equipment, we either designed and built or reconfigured (by Dave), exclusively for making flights.

WE RECYCLE! Boy! Do We Recycle! Our printing press is a vintage (1973) label printing press. Dave stripped off anything not required for making flights and added some “high tech” features and components specially designed for flightmaking. It prints like a champ! The average output is about 300 sets of flights per minute.

WE EVEN RECYCLE OUR INKS! Our specially formulated water-based inks are not only eco-friendly, but we also extend their useful life by years through careful handling and storage practices. This keeps our ink costs super-low and we get the maximum use of each gallon of ink.

LAMINATING/FABRICATING - Our laminating and punching system takes advantage of modifications to our printing press which creates a “hinging” pattern cut into each roll of printed flight stock to form, seal and prepare the flight stock for punching. The key to this process is our specially built heat sealing unit. This little 6” long assembly uses tightly controlled heating elements and roller pressure to seal the flights into a continuous “ribbon” of flights.

PUNCHING - This ribbon is then guided through our pneumatic punch via an optical actuator. The optical system provides extremely accurate positioning of the punch relative to each printed flight image. We use eight (8) different QUICK-CHANGE, super-precise tooling sets to create all of the shapes of AMERI-THON flights.

Our punching system produces 1,000 sets of quality flights per hour. The finished flights are then bulk-packed and are ready for shipment!